At first glance, the latest exposure of some of the active Fans of a paradox effect. As the football League the game after the Corona-break, started up again, they protested against the games in empty stadiums. Now the clubs are working on concepts to return at least a few thousand spectators per game and more and more followers on the road again.

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testing the “All or none” is their Slogan. The Dortmund Fanzine “” paints a bleak picture of a season with “personalized tickets and 3D Sensors to Monitor the distance to the bleachers”, “the wet dream of every use of head of the local police authorities”. The Schalker fan club Association, fearing “may also be regulated to the toilet”, the “Red curve” from Hanover, warns of a “minus business for the club if the stadium is only partially filled”. To dozens of sites organized Fans have announced to keep their Distance until the stadiums are filled up completely.

The intense feeling of being Close to the standing part of a singing, swear to be in joy exploding mass, is so elementary that you would rather forego the Live experience, when a strict hygiene concept, to subdue. The joint arrival in trains and buses, small talk in the crowd at the sausage stand, alcohol, all of this is it can not give in the coming months.

It is understandable that many do not want to join. But the “All or none”-thoughts, a feeling of discomfort is based on that of other viewers want to enjoy just level full, maybe even spectacular football. Customized viewers, the disciplined rules, can apparently look scary. Why?

There is the concern that at the end of a League phase, with gezähmtem audience freedoms to stay on track. Perhaps Fans of the standing places are not missing so much as you believe. Maybe personalized Tickets and monitoring techniques, which can be for the Corona-combat sense are established, after the pandemic is fixed. What happens to the duration of kartenabos, which are not now used?