Dani Olmo, the RB Leipzig star, had a fantastic game during Spain’s match against Germany at Euro 2024. He scored a crucial goal and assisted another, helping his team secure a victory. Off the pitch, Olmo is also in a happy relationship with German social media model Laura Abla Schmitt. Laura has a significant following on TikTok and Instagram, where she shares vlogs and stylish outfit posts. Despite dating a famous footballer, Laura prefers to keep her social media content focused on herself rather than football. She enjoys entertaining her followers and does not take herself too seriously in the football world. The couple seems to be very much in love, and fans are delighted to see their relationship blossoming. Laura’s support and presence in Olmo’s life add another dimension to his success story on and off the field. It’s refreshing to see a couple thriving in their respective careers while supporting each other along the way. Their relationship serves as a reminder that love and passion can coexist in different aspects of life, creating a harmonious balance. Cheers to Dani Olmo and Laura Abla Schmitt for showing us what true teamwork looks like both on and off the pitch!