EA Sports FC 24: Top Players Revealed for Copa America Attackers Evolution

On June 7th, EA Sports FC 24 launched the Path to Glory promo in anticipation of the upcoming EUROs and Copa America tournaments. Fans can expect to find a variety of new cards in packs, including beloved Icons and Heroes from around the globe. For players looking to upgrade low-rated cards, Electronic Arts has introduced the Copa America Attackers Evolution. Here is all you need to know about this exciting new feature and the top players to utilize it on in EA FC 24.

What is the EAFC 24 Copa America Attackers Evolution?

The Copa America Attackers Evolution is a free upgrade option for players with specific requirements to meet. Players must have a Max Overall of 87, belong to the COPA America Festival of Football Academy rarity, and have specific PlayStyles. Upon completing the Objectives, players will receive various stat boosts and new PlayStyles to enhance their cards.

The Best Players for the Copa America Attackers Evolution

As of now, there are three players eligible for the Copa America Attackers Evolution. While more players may be added in the future, the current options include Richarlison from Tottenham, Hirving Lozano from PSV, and Mauro Icardi from Galatasaray. Richarlison stands out as a versatile attacker with excellent ball control and finishing ability. Lozano offers exceptional speed as a winger, while Icardi excels as a goal-scoring striker. Players can choose to evolve their cards twice, so choose wisely based on your team’s needs.

EA Sports FC 24 is accessible on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. The Copa America Attackers Evolution event will conclude on July 5th. Stay tuned for more updates and potential additions to this exciting new feature in EA FC 24.