Gareth Southgate recently hinted that if England doesn’t win the Euros, it might be his last tournament as a manager. This led to speculations that Eddie Howe could be his potential replacement. However, it is advised that the Football Association should not consider Howe for the job at this time. It is believed that Howe is focused on leading Newcastle United to success and winning trophies at the club level. The daily involvement in the running of a football club, training with players, and making decisions on transfers are more appealing to him than the national team job.

While the FA may see Howe as the perfect fit due to his media presence and man-management skills, it is unlikely that he would want to leave Newcastle, especially when the club is on the rise. The prospect of building a strong team and competing for trophies at Newcastle is far more enticing for a young and ambitious manager like Howe. The day-to-day challenges of managing a club provide a different kind of satisfaction compared to the national team job, which involves less direct involvement with players and more time spent traveling and watching matches from the stands.

It is suggested that the England job is better suited for someone like Southgate, who has a history with the FA and is more comfortable in a national team setting. While England has a talented squad, it remains to be seen if they can go all the way and win the tournament. Newcastle players like Anthony Gordon and Kieran Trippier are expected to make an impact in the upcoming matches, with Gordon in particular being in good form.

The upcoming match against Serbia will test England’s defense against a strong striker like Alexandar Mitrovic. Despite his past controversies, Mitrovic has proven himself as a goal scorer and a threat on the field. However, England is still expected to come out on top, even if they face some challenges along the way. The tournament will reveal how the team handles pressure and tough opponents, with Newcastle players playing a key role in the squad’s performance.