Former Football Star Robinho Pursuing New Career Path in Prison

DISGRACED former footballer Robinho is embarking on a new career path while serving time in a Brazilian prison – as a TV repairman. The ex-Man City and AC Milan player, who is currently serving a nine-year sentence for rape, is participating in a prison program to learn basic electronics skills, including fixing TVs and radios.

Robinho, 40, has been described as a model prisoner by his lawyer, Mario Rosso Vale. He has been actively engaging in the program and has shown good behavior during his time behind bars. Additionally, he has volunteered to run a reading program at the prison, distributing books to other inmates.

The Brazilian Universal Institute is providing the basic electronics course for Robinho, which involves 600 hours of remote learning. While it is unclear whether Robinho is enjoying the program, it is helping him pass the time during his incarceration.

Robinho’s legal team is currently appealing his sentence, and there is a possibility that he may be eligible for a more flexible jail regime for good behavior in the future. Despite his past success as a footballer, including stints at top clubs like Real Madrid and Manchester City, Robinho’s return to his native Brazilian club, Santos, was short-lived due to backlash from sponsors over his criminal conviction.

The former football star’s journey from the pinnacle of his career to prison has been marred by legal troubles and controversies. However, his pursuit of a new skill while in jail showcases a different side to his story, as he tries to make the most of his time behind bars.

Timeline of Robinho’s rape case:
– January 22, 2013: Robinho was part of a group convicted of sexually assaulting an Albanian woman in a club during his time at AC Milan.
– 2017: Robinho was found guilty of sexual assault by an Italian court and sentenced to nine years in prison.
– 2020: Robinho’s sentence was upheld after an appeal process.
– March 2023: Robinho surrendered his passport, and in November 2023, Italian prosecutors recommended that he serve his sentence in Brazil.
– March 20, 2024: Brazil’s Superior Court voted for Robinho to serve his sentence in his home country.

Despite his current circumstances, Robinho continues to navigate his life post-football career while serving time in prison, showing resilience and determination in the face of adversity.