Liverpool midfielder Fuka Nagano has been selected to represent Japan in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics, making her one of the 18 squad members for the tournament in July. Fuka, who has been a consistent performer for both her club and country, is expected to play a crucial role in Japan’s campaign.

Expressing her excitement about the opportunity, Fuka stated, “Honored to be heading to the Olympics with this amazing team. I’m so excited for my first Olympics!” This will be Fuka’s debut appearance at the Olympics, adding to the significance of the event for her.

However, the road ahead for Fuka and team Japan will not be easy. They are set to face tough opponents in their group, including the defending FIFA Women’s World Cup champions Spain in their opening match. Following that, they will take on Brazil and Nigeria to conclude the group stage.

Fuka’s selection is a testament to her skills and contributions on the field, as well as her dedication to the sport. She joins Teagan Micah as the second Liverpool player to be named to an Olympic roster, with Teagan representing Team Australia.

The inclusion of Fuka Nagano in the Japanese Olympic squad highlights the growing presence of Liverpool players on the international stage, showcasing the talent and versatility of the club’s athletes. As Fuka prepares to embark on this new and exciting chapter in her career, fans and supporters will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating her performance on the Olympic stage.