Galliani Confirms Nesta’s Move to Monza, Di Gregorio’s Potential Exit, and Memories of Berlusconi

Adriano Galliani has revealed that Alessandro Nesta is close to becoming the new head coach at Monza, while also hinting at Michele Di Gregorio’s possible departure as Juventus eyes a deal. The Turin club is reportedly looking to secure the Biancorossi’s goalkeeper for a fee of €18m plus €2m in add-ons.

Monza, on the other hand, is gearing up to welcome Nesta as their new coach following Raffaele Palladino’s departure. Galliani expressed his confidence in Nesta’s appointment, stating that the former defender just needs to finalize his affairs with Reggiana before taking over at Monza.

Regarding player transfers, Galliani hinted at Di Gregorio’s potential exit, emphasizing the necessity for clubs to generate revenue through player sales. He also highlighted the contributions of Silvio Berlusconi in bringing Monza back to Serie A, praising the former president’s impact on the club’s success.

Reflecting on his relationship with Berlusconi, Galliani shared memories of their early days in football and the television broadcasting industry. He expressed his deep admiration for Berlusconi’s leadership and the significant role he played in shaping their shared journey over the years.

The legacy of Silvio Berlusconi continues to resonate in the world of football, with Galliani fondly recalling their partnership and the remarkable achievements they accomplished together.