Georgia Adams, the Southern Vipers captain, recently shared her inspiring journey as an LGBT+ cricketer in an interview with Sky Sports News. She emphasized the importance of creating inclusive environments in sports, work, and everyday life to allow individuals to feel comfortable in their own skin. Adams highlighted the positive impact of embracing one’s true identity and the importance of feeling safe and accepted in one’s environment.

As part of the ongoing Rainbow Laces campaign in cricket, England Women and New Zealand Women recently sported rainbow laces and stumps during an ODI victory. The initiative aims to show support for the LGBT+ community and promote inclusivity within the sport. The campaign extends to various cricket fixtures, including the Vitality Blast, Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy, and County Championship games.

Growing up in Brighton, known for its LGBT+ inclusivity, Adams felt supported and accepted in exploring her identity. She reflected on her experience at university, where she found a welcoming and understanding environment that allowed her to be herself. Adams also shared her journey of coming out to her family and the challenges of societal pressures that reinforce heterosexuality as the norm.

Despite facing pressures and difficulties, Adams found solace in her love for cricket, which provided a safe space for her to be confident and express herself. She credits the sport for boosting her self-esteem and fostering a sense of acceptance among her peers. As a captain, Adams values individuality and encourages her team to embrace their unique identities without holding back.

Adams also acknowledged the lack of out professional male cricketers in the sport and discussed the challenges they face in navigating their identities within a different cultural context. She emphasized the need for more positive influences and campaigns, like the ECB’s Rainbow Laces initiative, to promote inclusivity and diversity in cricket and beyond.

Drawing inspiration from her late grandmother, who faced similar challenges in her time, Adams hopes to normalize positive experiences for LGBT+ individuals both on and off the pitch. She believes that creating inclusive and accepting environments, like the one she grew up in, can empower individuals to express themselves fully and lead fulfilling lives.

Through her journey as an LGBT+ cricketer, Georgia Adams advocates for greater acceptance, diversity, and inclusivity in sports and society. Her story serves as a testament to the power of embracing one’s identity and creating safe spaces for individuals to thrive and be true to themselves.