In the past year, Tim Wiese has been confronted with maintaining contact with people from the right-wing milieu. His ex-club Werder Bremen distances himself from the former national goalkeeper. He now assures: “Right-wing ideas are completely foreign to me” – and wants to go back to Werder Bremen.

Tim Wiese has distanced himself from all right-wing ideas and hopes to return to the traditional team of his former club Werder Bremen. The Bundesliga club had banned its long-time goalkeeper from the traditional team in October. Images had previously appeared repeatedly showing the 41-year-old with people from the right-wing milieu.

“It is difficult to prove what I take for granted: I was not and am not a member of a politically extreme camp and will never be, neither on the right nor on the left,” said the former professional in an interview with “I’m a big fan of multiculturalism and I live it every day in my circle of friends. Right-wing ideas or racist behavior are completely alien to me.”

Wiese would like to be able to play in the traditional team again. “Werder and Wiese – it was always a success story and I am convinced that it will be a success story again. Both owe each other too much for that and the contact and relationship between the people involved is too good,” he said. He would also be involved in Werder’s social projects that are directed against right-wing extremism: “If something like that was suggested, I would definitely do it. I don’t have to think twice about it.”

Wiese says he has learned his lessons from the past few months. “I know that in the past I should have been more careful about who I surrounded myself with and, above all, I should have differentiated myself more clearly from certain people,” he said. “Especially as part of the traditional team, the values ​​of the club are important to me.”