Barcelona FC: Joan Laporta and Board Exonerated in ‘Negreira Case’

The ‘Negreira case’ involving Barcelona FC has taken a positive turn as Joan Laporta and his Board of Directors from 2003 to 2010 have been criminally exonerated. This decision comes after a recent announcement by the Audience of Barcelona revoking a crime of cohecho related to payments made to the ex-vice president of the Technical Committee of Referees.

The decision to cancel the imputation of cohecho in the case is a significant development in the ongoing investigation, which still includes other crimes such as sports corruption. The exoneration of Laporta and his Board members signifies a step towards clearing their names in the ‘Negreira case’.

The recent pronouncement by section 21 of the Audience of Barcelona states that Laporta and individuals who were part of the managerial board between 2003 and 2010, or had a role in decision-making processes related to the payments, are now free from penal responsibility. This decision complements the previous ruling that EnrĂ­quez Negreira cannot be considered a civil servant, therefore excluding Laporta and his team from any criminal liability.

The successful appeal was filed by the Fiscal Ministry, FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu, and Joan Laporta, arguing that the crime of cohecho could not apply to Negreira due to his position not being that of a state civil servant. The support from Real Madrid and LaLiga in opposing the appeal highlights the significance of this case within the football community.

Overall, the exoneration of Joan Laporta and his Board in the ‘Negreira case’ brings a new ray of hope for Barcelona FC, paving the way for a positive future for the club and its leadership.