Kilkenny Camogie Star Laura Greene Reveals Why She Chose to Become a Teacher

Kilkenny camogie star Laura Greene is not only a talented athlete but also a secondary school teacher. In a recent interview with RSVP Live, she shared insights into her decision to pursue a career in teaching alongside her sporting endeavors.

Greene highlighted the importance of education and her passion for subjects such as PE and biology. She credited her teammates, friends, and family for inspiring her playing career and pushing her to achieve her full potential on the field.

Reflecting on her most memorable moments in camogie, Greene pointed to winning the intermediate All Ireland final in 2016 as a standout achievement. She also discussed her toughest opponent, pregame rituals, and future career goals, including securing a permanent teaching position.

Despite facing setbacks such as ACL and meniscus injuries, Greene remains dedicated to both her teaching profession and her love for camogie. She also expressed a desire for the Camogie Association to do more for players and promote the game to a wider audience.

As fans get to know the multi-talented Laura Greene better, her dedication to both teaching and camogie serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes and educators alike.