Jewelry has no place on the soccer field. But France’s Jules Koundé plays with two chains in the World Cup round of 16. This is not noticed until late – and according to his trainer, he is very outraged. He explains that the referee even threatened to interrupt the game.

In fact, every footballer is closely examined by the referee before stepping onto the pitch. Of course, not whether the hair is right, but whether all jewelry has been removed or at least taped up. Because the rules say clearly: jewelry is not allowed, it poses a risk of injury. But in the World Cup round of 16 between France and Poland (3: 1), someone obviously didn’t look too closely. Because France defender Jules Koundé played with two gold chains around his neck.

This was only noticed in the 42nd minute when the 24-year-old tried to throw in a ball. The linesman asked for the chains to be removed, but Koundé couldn’t do it himself, so a team leader had to help him. A few seconds passed before the game could continue.

Head coach Didier Deschamps was still fuming about this scene at the press conference: “He has no right to do so. He can’t play with sunglasses or a watch either, it’s not allowed. I thought he had taken them off, but obviously that wasn’t him Fall. That’s our mistake. After the game I said to him: ‘You’re lucky you didn’t stand in front of me, otherwise…'”

Koundé then apologized to his coach. “I just forgot,” assured the FC Barcelona defender: “That never happens to me, but this time I forgot.” But things weren’t that bad: “The referee just told me to take them off. That’s all.”

That had sounded very different with the 54-year-old Deschamps: the referee came to them and threatened to interrupt the game. “It’s our fault. I thought he took them off but apparently he didn’t,” said Deschamps.

According to his own information, the trainer does not know the deeper meaning of the chain. “I don’t know what he’s wearing there,” said Deschamps: “I just know that he’s a bit superstitious. He also wears the chain in training.”