The Professional Football League (LFP) has once again failed to find consensus on the subject. As it has been committed to since 2019, the LFP had planned, on Sunday May 19, an awareness-raising operation as part of the World Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (May 17), on the sidelines of the last League day of the season. After several editions marked by the refusal of certain players to wear the jersey flocked in the colors of the rainbow, that of Sunday was more followed but still created some stir.

She would hardly even have been talked about – or at least only for the right reasons – if Mohamed Camara, the AS Monaco midfielder, had not decided to hide one of her most obvious signs. more distinctive, namely a badge with the word “homophobia” crossed out in red, covered with white adhesive tape by the Malian community, and a logo in LGBT colors, blackened.

Scalded by several controversies during the last editions, the League had decided to review its formula, in particular by removing the rainbow flocking from the jerseys. The new campaign, imagined by the League, therefore highlighted, on Sunday, these two patches on the jerseys, and featured the LGBT colors on the corner flags or even on the LED change panels. A way for the LFP to review its copy while certain actors wrongly perceived this day as a promotion of homosexuality.

These changes implemented by the League were not entirely convincing, since the associations SOS Homophobia and PanamBoyz

A “discussion” planned by Monaco with Camara

But on Sunday, the Egyptian Canaries striker was once again absent from the match lost by Nantes in Monaco, and his club could sanction him financially, like last season. During this meeting at the Louis-II stadium, it was Mohamed Camara who sparked the controversy. The Malian, scorer from the penalty spot, decided to hide the two logos designed by the LFP for this day using tape. Before kick-off, he did not take part in the pre-match protocol photo, remaining behind at the edge of the pitch.

“First of all, I would like to say that we, as a club, support the operation organized by the LFP,” reacted Adi Hütter, the Monegasque coach, at a press conference. For his part [to Mohamed Camara], it is a personal initiative. There will be an internal discussion with him about this situation. I will not comment further. »

Off the field, Jimmy Briand, former player turned consultant, was singled out by Rouge direct, which fights against homophobia in the world of football, for his comments made on Prime Video regarding the absence of Mostafa Mohamed for this meeting : ” We must respect. Everyone has the right to have their beliefs. That’s also respect, it’s respecting people who have other beliefs. »

“Are you spreading a message of apology for homophobia? It’s a crime,” Red responded directly. Discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity is punishable by 3 years of imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros. At this stage, the LFP would not have planned any sanctions against Camara and Mohamed.

“Such behavior must be subject to the strongest sanctions both against the player, but also against the club which allowed it to happen,” Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera reacted strongly on Monday at the microphone of RTL .