Louis Rees-Zammit’s NFL Training Progress Sparks Excitement Among Chiefs

Welsh rugby sensation Louis Rees-Zammit has been making headlines in the NFL training circuit, catching the attention of Kansas City Chiefs players and coaches alike. Known for his agility and speed, Rees-Zammit has been showcasing his versatility by practicing as both a running back and a wide receiver.

During a recent training session, Rees-Zammit was seen receiving valuable advice from Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman, indicating a potential shift towards a role in special teams. While the possibility of making the final roster as a receiver or running back may be slim, the young athlete’s dedication and athleticism have not gone unnoticed.

Assistant head coach Dave Toub expressed his excitement over Rees-Zammit’s progress, praising his work ethic and determination to succeed. Tight end Travis Kelce has also taken the newcomer under his wing, offering guidance and support as Rees-Zammit navigates the challenges of transitioning from rugby to American football.

Despite the steep learning curve ahead, both Kelce and Toub have faith in Rees-Zammit’s abilities and believe that with hard work and dedication, he has the potential to make a significant impact in his rookie season. As the young Welshman continues to impress during training, all eyes will be on his journey towards securing a spot on the Chiefs’ roster.