Scot Walking to Euro 2024 Championships Finally Secures Ticket for Opener

A young Scot named Craig Ferguson, aged 20, who embarked on a 1000-mile journey to the Euro 2024 Championships in Germany, has successfully secured a ticket for Scotland’s opening match on Friday. Craig, a hospitality worker from Paisley, set off from Hampden Stadium last month, quitting his job in order to walk to Germany and raise funds for the men’s mental health charity Brothers in Arms.

During his journey, Craig traveled through Newcastle and Hull, boarded a ferry to Rotterdam, walked through Belgium and Luxembourg, and finally arrived in Germany last week. Despite not having a ticket for Scotland’s opening match against the hosts, Craig announced that he will now be able to attend thanks to the assistance of electric car manufacturer Peoples BYD. He expressed his gratitude on social media, stating that he is “beyond grateful” for the opportunity to watch the game.

Craig’s initial goal of raising £10,000 for the charity has been exceeded, with over £35,000 donated so far. He described the experience as a “journey of a lifetime” and expressed his love for travel and meeting new people along the way. Craig was also invited to the British embassy in Berlin to speak about mental health and football.

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