Andy Robertson, the captain of the Scotland national team and Liverpool player, recently provided an update on his ankle injury ahead of Euro 2024. He mentioned that he had been nursing the injury since March but feels good and ready for the upcoming tournament.

Despite facing challenges due to his ankle injury and a previous shoulder injury that required surgery, Robertson is determined to lead his team in the European Championships. He expressed his physical and mental readiness for the competition, emphasizing his excitement for what lies ahead.

Although he had to miss some games for Liverpool due to his ankle injury, Robertson is now focused on performing well for Scotland. His commitment to the team is evident as he prepares to face Germany in their opening match at the Allianz Arena.

During his time with the national team, Robertson experienced a minor setback during training, but it was described as a precautionary measure. He continues to be a key player for Scotland and is eager to lead his team to success in the tournament.

In addition to his on-field performance, Robertson recently set a new record as the captain of the Scotland men’s team. His former manager, Jurgen Klopp, congratulated him on this achievement with a supportive message. Despite facing tough opponents like Germany, Switzerland, and Hungary in the group stage, Robertson remains optimistic about Scotland’s chances in the competition.

As Robertson gears up to represent his country at Euro 2024, he remains focused on overcoming his injury challenges and leading Scotland to a successful campaign. His determination and resilience are qualities that will undoubtedly inspire his teammates and fans as they embark on this exciting journey in the European Championships.