For the Professional Football League (LFP), this is proof of “total and complete support”. Meeting on Thursday November 23 in a general meeting, the body once again validated the agreement with the CVC investment fund and the distribution between the clubs of the financial windfall provided by this new shareholder at the time of the creation of the commercial company of the LFP.

The said agreement was “validated by a very large majority”, she insisted in a press release. The creation of the subsidiary was approved by 96.76% of the votes. Same vote for the company’s statutes and the partners’ agreement (96.62%), as well as the terms of distribution of the CVC contribution (97.73%).

For the League, the message is clear: “These votes reinforce the total support of the professional world for the project to transform professional championships carried by the LFP. »

This general assembly and this second vote on the agreement were organized after the opposition of Le Havre, which denounced the terms of the distribution of the 1.5 billion euros provided by CVC in exchange for 13.04% of the company’s revenues. commercial company, for life.

“Punished” by his promotion to Ligue 1

Since its accession to Ligue 1 in June, Le Havre Athletic Club (HAC) has been fighting against what it considers to be “unfairness” towards it: the distribution, decided in April 2022, of the sums paid to the first and second clubs divisions. In the eyes of the president of the Normandy team, Jean-Michel Roussier, the HAC is “punished” by its promotion, to the extent that it would have received more income if it had remained in Ligue 2.

The article of the LFP regulations specifying the conditions for distributing the money is as follows: “Ligue 2 clubs in 2021-2022 will benefit from aid of 1.5 million euros in 2024-2025 at the provided that they have remained in Ligue 2 in 2022-2023 and 2023-2024 without interruption, that they definitively play in Ligue 2 in 2024-2025, and that they have positive equity as of June 30, 2024.”

However, due to its accession to the elite, Le Havre can no longer boast three seasons in the second division, and is deprived of this final payment. Without reaping another share of the CVC windfall, from which L1 clubs benefit. Jean-Michel Roussier referred this matter to the summary judge. According to L’Equipe, a hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, November 28 at the Paris judicial court.