Max Verstappen Outranks Lewis Hamilton in New EA F1 Game, Fans React

Updated 10:57 29 May 2024 GMT+1Published 10:46 29 May 2024 GMT+1

Formula 1 fans are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming release of the latest EA Sports F1 game, but there’s one major controversy stirring up the community. The highly anticipated driver ratings have been unveiled, and fans are not pleased with Lewis Hamilton’s downgrade in comparison to Max Verstappen.

EA Sports annually releases a new edition of their F1 game, allowing players to experience the thrill of driving the fastest race cars on legendary tracks. Some dedicated players even invest in expensive simulators to enhance their gaming experience.

However, the recent driver ratings announcement has sparked outrage among fans, particularly regarding Hamilton’s rating. While Verstappen leads the charts with an impressive 96 overall rating, Hamilton has seen a significant drop from 92 to 89. This places him on par with Charles Leclerc and below other drivers like Fernando Alonso.

Hamilton’s challenging start to the 2024 season, including being consistently outqualified by George Russell, may have influenced his lower rating. Nevertheless, fans are expressing their disappointment and disbelief on social media platforms.

One fan expressed their frustration, labeling Hamilton’s rating as “disrespectful” to the 7-time World Champion. Another fan pointed out the discrepancy between Hamilton’s rating and that of Lando Norris, highlighting the perceived unfairness in the rankings.

The passionate reactions from fans showcase the intense scrutiny and expectations surrounding the EA Sports F1 game and the iconic drivers featured in it. As the release date approaches, the debate over driver ratings is sure to continue among the F1 gaming community.