Ghost of Tsushima: How to Increase Your Legend Rank

Ghost of Tsushima may not provide a full-fledged RPG experience, but it does incorporate several elements typical of its genre. One such feature is the leveling system. Jin, the main character, can improve over time by completing specific tasks. However, this system operates differently compared to other games.

In Ghost of Tsushima, the leveling system is tied to the Legend of Jin, which essentially represents the character’s reputation. There are various ways to increase Jin’s notoriety, with some methods being more efficient than others. The guide below covers everything you need to know about this game mechanic.

Every Ghost of Tsushima player should keep an eye on their Legend. Increasing its rank rewards players with Technique Points, which can be used to acquire new skills essential for your journey against the Mongols. There are several ways to increase your Legend: some require completing Tales, while others depend on your combat skills.

Completing Tales

There are three types of Tales in Ghost of Tsushima: Jin’s Journey, Tales of Tsushima, and Mythic Tales.

– Jin’s Journey Tales: These are the main quests in the game and offer the biggest boost to your Legend.
– Tales of Tsushima: These are the side quests of the game and provide a smaller boost to your Legend. However, they compensate for this with their quantity.
– Mythic Tales: These can be considered major side quests. They are few in number and can take a while to complete, but they offer a substantial Legend boost in return.

Liberate Villages and Towns

At the beginning of the game, many villages and towns on Tsushima Island will be under Mongol control. It’s your job to liberate these places and return them to the natives. You can think of them as outposts from Far Cry. The amount of Legend boost you receive depends on the size of the liberated area. Additionally, you will receive a bonus reward for freeing these towns and villages.

Completing Lighthouses

Another way to boost your Legend is by lighting up the lighthouses. There are 10 of these giant structures (8 in the base game and 2 in the expansion), and enemies often defend them. Like real lighthouses, these can be found near the seaside, so you’ll know where to look for them.

Random Encounters

Ghost of Tsushima doesn’t reward you with Legend points for simply killing enemies; instead, you earn them by completing various tasks. If you’re looking for a small Legend boost, try completing random encounters. These often involve being attacked by Mongols while exploring Tsushima Island. You can either run away to save your health or fight and defeat them for a minor Legend boost.

The highest Legend rank is aptly titled “The Ghost of Tsushima.” Once you reach this rank, you can stop farming Legend points, as there’s nothing left to improve.