Google Search Outage: Company Responds to Blank Pages and Error Messages

Update: Google has resolved the issue with Search that caused blank pages and error messages to appear when users asked queries. The company has acknowledged the problem and is currently working on a fix. Users worldwide experienced difficulties accessing Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Google News, Gmail, and other services.

In a statement, Google said, “There’s an ongoing issue with serving some features in Google Search. We’ve identified the issue and we’re working on a fix.” The company also provided a link to a dashboard showing a “Service disruption” in Search. Some features affected included results on Google News, Discover, and other products.

According to Google, the problem started at 06:47 PDT (7.17 pm IST) on May 31, with reports of disruptions coming in an hour earlier. While the official Services Status dashboard only indicated issues with Google Search, DownDetector reported disruptions in Search and Gmail. Users also faced difficulties with Maps, News, and other services.

At its peak, there were 1,115 reports of disruption around 7 pm IST, with the majority of users (69%) experiencing problems with the Google Website. TOI Tech members also encountered issues with News and Search.

Users took to social media platform X to express their frustration with the outage. One user tweeted, “Either google news is down, or defence cuts really are a thing.” Another user wrote, “Never thought I’d say this but is GOOGLE down for anyone else?? It’s making it impossible for me to search for news.”

Google has assured users that the issue has been resolved, and services are now back to normal.