Global Google Outage: Users Worldwide Struggle with Inaccessibility to Google Services

Several Google services, including Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Google News, and Gmail, are currently experiencing outages across the world. Users have reported issues with accessing these essential services, causing frustration and inconvenience.

DownDetector, a popular crowd-sourced outage detection platform, has received over a thousand reports from users regarding the ongoing service disruptions. The reports indicate that around 66% of users are facing problems with the Google Website, 21% are encountering issues with the Search function, and the remaining 3% are unable to access Maps.

TOI Tech also conducted tests on Google services and found that Google Search and News are affected by the outage, while Maps and Gmail are functioning normally. Users have taken to social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) to express their concerns about the widespread outage.

Despite the significant impact on users, Google has not officially acknowledged the outage on its Services Status dashboard. The dashboard continues to display that all Google services are running smoothly, leaving users in the dark about the cause and expected resolution time for the service disruptions.