Hypercharge Unboxed Review: A Toy-Based Shooter Worth the Wait

For all its minor faults, ‘Hypercharge Unboxed’ is a fantastic game that delivers on its promises. The Xbox Series X|S release of Hypercharge Unboxed has finally arrived after a seven-year journey from PC early access, and it’s worth the wait.

This Small Soldiers and Toy Story-inspired first- and third-person shooter takes you on a mission to preserve childhood memories stored in ancient power sources known as Hypercores. Developer Digital Cybercherries succeeds in creating a definitive toy-based shooter that offers plenty of replayability, single-player and multiplayer action, and most importantly, no microtransactions.

Hypercharge Unboxed’s gameplay takes place across different rooms of a suburban house, toy store, arcade, and rental home. It’s a game filled with nostalgic battles and Proustian rushes, allowing players to relive their childhood imaginations.

The game’s core PvE horde mode challenges players to protect Hypercores from an army of evil toys using defensive installations, upgradeable weaponry, and teamwork. While the game has a strong start with gorgeous visuals and a consistent 60fps frame rate, it does have its navigation and platforming challenges that can be frustrating at times.

Combat in Hypercharge Unboxed is dependable and engaging, offering a variety of weapons and enemies to keep players on their toes. The game encourages players to learn from each wave and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Overall, Hypercharge Unboxed may not be perfect, but it has the potential to become a cult classic, especially in couch co-op or with online friends. With a few post-release tweaks, this toy-based shooter could appeal to players of all ages and become a beloved favorite in the gaming community.