Microsoft Deprecates Windows Driver Verifier GUI, Recommends Verifier Command Line Instead

Microsoft recently announced that the Driver Verifier GUI, verifiergui.exe, is being deprecated and will be removed from future versions of Windows. Users are advised to use the Verifier Command Line (verifier.exe) as an alternative.

The Driver Verifier GUI provided a user-friendly interface for stress-testing drivers, but Microsoft has decided to streamline the process by recommending the use of the Verifier Command Line instead. This change comes as part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to optimize and enhance the Windows operating system.

For those unfamiliar, Driver Verifier is a critical component for monitoring and testing Windows kernel-mode drivers to detect any potential system corruption. By subjecting drivers to various stress tests, Driver Verifier helps ensure the stability and reliability of the operating system.

In addition to deprecating the Driver Verifier GUI, Microsoft has also removed other features such as NP Logon Notify and NP Password Change Notify APIs, short RSA authentication keys for TLS servers, and Test Base for Microsoft 365. This ongoing process of deprecation aims to streamline the Windows operating system and improve overall performance.

As Microsoft continues to refine its products, users are encouraged to stay informed about any upcoming changes and updates to ensure a seamless computing experience. Stay tuned for more announcements from Microsoft regarding future developments and enhancements to the Windows operating system.