Monster Hunter Stories’ Producer Reveals Insights on Collaborative Development, Excludes Zelda DLC on Switch

The highly anticipated release of Monster Hunter Stories on the Nintendo Switch has fans buzzing with excitement. The game, originally a collaboration between Capcom and Marvelous, is making its way to a new audience in 2024. We had the opportunity to speak with the game’s producer, Yoshihiro Akira, who shared some fascinating insights into the game’s development process.

When asked about the inspiration behind creating a spin-off, turn-based RPG in the Monster Hunter series, Akira revealed that it was a challenging endeavor at first. The team had to break away from the traditional action game format and find a way to convey an “adventure with monsters” through a different gameplay style. With the help of Marvelous, they were able to develop the unique battle system that sets Monster Hunter Stories apart from other games in the series.

Working closely with Marvelous, Capcom played a crucial role in overseeing the quality and setting of the game. The collaboration between the two companies resulted in a high-quality RPG that was well-received by fans. Akira also mentioned that the performance on the Switch version of Monster Hunter Stories is expected to be similar to its sequel, ensuring a smooth gaming experience for players.

While some features from the original 3DS version, such as StreetPass Dungeons and QR code scanning, will not be included in the Switch release, players can look forward to new additions like fully voiced dialogue in English and Japanese. The Museum mode will also offer behind-the-scenes artwork and developer comments, providing a deeper look into the game’s creation.

Unfortunately, the Link and Epona-themed Legend of Zelda DLC from the 3DS version will not be making its way to the Switch release. However, players picking up the game for the first time can expect an engaging RPG experience that is accessible to a wide range of players. Akira encourages both newcomers and returning fans to explore the world of Monster Hunter Stories and enjoy the enhanced features on the Switch version.

As the release date for Monster Hunter Stories on Switch approaches, fans can anticipate a full review of the game on 14th June. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks of what’s to come in this exciting new release.