Rumour: Leaker Drops Exciting Nintendo Codenames, Persona 6 Hinted for ‘Switch 2’

A well-known leaker by the name of Midori has been causing quite a stir in the gaming community, with hints at new projects from various publishers, including Nintendo. Rather than giving away specific details about upcoming games, Midori has been focusing on project codenames, leaving fans to speculate on what could be in the works.

For instance, Midori recently revealed that Nintendo is working on projects codenamed ‘Edward’ and ‘Anna’. Speculation suggests that ‘Edward’ could be related to a new Zelda title, while ‘Anna’ might hint at a sequel to Nintendo Switch Sports. Interestingly, ‘Red’ seems to be the general codename for Mario-related projects, with a new Mario game potentially in the works under the codename ‘SPRed’.

Additionally, there are hints of a project codenamed ‘Banquet’ possibly being developed by NDCube, known for their work on the Mario Party franchise. Excitingly, Midori also teased that Persona 6, along with Persona 3 Reload and other Persona remakes, could be coming to Nintendo’s next system, tentatively called the ‘Switch 2’.

While the leaks are intriguing, it’s important to approach them with caution until officially confirmed. Nevertheless, the prospect of more Persona games on Nintendo consoles is sure to excite fans. What are your thoughts on Midori’s hints? Share your opinions in the comments below.