Soup up your tiny car and launch it into space in this quirky open-world driving game

In the whimsical driving adventure game Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip, players take on the role of a quirky little character speeding around a bustling city in a taxi cab. However, instead of ferrying passengers to their destinations, the goal is to soup up the car enough to launch it into outer space.

The game presents players with a colorful and cartoonish open world filled with traffic, pedestrians, ramps, bridges, and various activities to partake in. While the game suggests that players should take on the role of a cab driver, the protagonist, Terry, has other plans. Terry’s sole focus is on driving fast enough to escape the planet’s gravity and reach the tower in the center of the city.

To achieve this goal, players must search the city for scattered “turbo junk” to upgrade their car’s power. Along the way, players can engage in various activities such as catching bugs, buying hats, digging up treasures, and playing soccer games. Despite the freedom to cause chaos and commit crimes in the city, the overall tone remains light-hearted and entertaining.

While the game’s open world may be relatively small, it offers plenty of quests and collectibles to keep completionists engaged. With its quirky charm and unique gameplay mechanics, Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip provides an enjoyable and humorous driving experience that is sure to appeal to players looking for a fun and lighthearted adventure.