A web directory is where you post links to multiple websites in one directory with the sole purpose of marketing these websites. The directory like any directory has a list of websites and their URL and a short gist of the information. This appeal of marketing is unorthodox and lets you and your product to reach all over the world in a simple click. This kind of marketing gives better sales ratio, link building, and actually interested buyer. Thus in today’s world, even small-town businesses can achieve success by successful web marketing through a directory which requires little effort and is really affordable.
The below are the top 10 Web Directory Scripts

PHP Weby

pHP web

PHP Weby script is free to use a script. It has many distinct features required for a directory. It allows categorizing your directory, adding reciprocal links, PayPal payment options and a lot of user-friendly features.



Osclass script is for the development of your own online classifieds. It allows you to apply themes and plug-ins to the advertisements. It is free and easy to use.


PHP link directory

PHP Link Directory script is for you if speed is your preference. It has many small improvements and features which are useful and make the directory ever more appealing.



PHP My directory is very easy to use script. And still, it offers you with more than 100 options for configurations. Thus what we get is a very powerful web directory. It runs on MySQL and PHP.



eSyndicat script helps you create a simple but automated web directory. This script functions on bidding directory script system. Here the highest bidder gets the topmost rank thus it becomes hassle-free for the webmaster and easier for the client to change his standings.

WordPress + Directory Press

directory theme

In Wordpree, theme called WordPress+ Directory Press script allows you to create a highly integrated web directory. With the features offered by this script the web directories are very professional and can easily get an international standing very easily.

WSN Links Web directory

WSN links

It is again one of the Bidding directory scripts. This script has a unique feature, where it allows you to visitors into the money allowing new clients to signup without webmasters presence thus making the site even more profitable and automated. WSN Links Web directory creates an unsurpassed flexibility for the users.

Joomla + SobiPro

Joomla extension directory

SobiPro is a Joomla based script which is very powerful. Multiple directories can be made using this script. It not only simplifies the user experience but also allows them to submit reviews from the front end.

Joomla + Mosets Tree

joomla mooset tree

Joomla Mosets Tree script has many features and it can be used to make web directories of almost any kind. Another distinguishing feature is it lets you run a directory like Yahoo inside your website.



It is one of the easiest scripts to use with one click submission for users and multiple features which make handling of the directory easy for the webmaster. It allows the master to create a case-sensitive submission for each individual and instant approval.
For building a wide set of niche directories, Subrion gets information from hosting directory, web directory, wedding directory and so on to Yahoo-style or DMOZ directory. They are continuing their services for 10 years and generated many thousands of directories in a nutshell.


All the above were taken from the latest updates and contain varied functionalities and features. According to the niche where there is a need of developing a web directory can be benefited with their extreme and versatile nature. So check out and mark every single option and feature analyzing the advantages of scripts that offers best for your business.