Warframe Jade Shadows Unveiled: New Frame and Exciting Updates Revealed

The highly anticipated Warframe Jade Shadows update now has a release date, promising exciting new additions to the popular free-to-play game. Developer Digital Extremes has unveiled a teaser for the new story-driven Stalker quest, along with a powerful new warframe that is set to shake up the gameplay experience.

Celebrating its eleventh anniversary in March, Warframe continues to impress players with its engaging content and has garnered an impressive 87% Steam score from over half a million user reviews. The Jade Shadows update brings a host of new features to the game, including the Jade warframe, a clan operation, a new game mode, quality-of-life improvements, and customization options.

The storyline of Warframe has always been a compelling aspect of the game, and the Jade Shadows update is no exception. Players are warned that the update contains significant spoilers and are encouraged to allow others to experience the quest at their own pace without spoilers.

One of the key highlights of the update is the introduction of the new Jade warframe, a powerful support character with unique abilities. From buffing allies to debuffing enemies, Jade brings a new dynamic to team gameplay. With abilities like ‘Symphony of Mercy’ and ‘Ophanim Eyes’, Jade offers versatile strategies for players to explore.

In addition to the new warframe, the Jade Shadows update also includes a new clan operation called Belly of the Beast and a challenging game mode called Ascension. Players can look forward to earning rewards and crafting materials as they delve into the new content.

Warframe Jade Shadows is set to launch on Tuesday, June 18, across all platforms. Players can enjoy the game for free on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to check out the best Warframe builds to prepare for the upcoming release.

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