Everything is new to her, but she feels that she already did something similar “maybe in a previous life”.
She is tall (a lot), but she confesses “very stuck to the ground.”
She exerted as a model (“Although I never was at all,” she protests her), but she not only does not believe even until she goes up of the demand of perfection that she harasses so much, she says, to women.
She knows English, but what she really would like to make French cinema.
She thinks fast, but she speaks slowly.
She recognizes vulnerable, but at all fragile.
She loves her work, but every night she aims meticulously five things lived that she reminds her that she can be happy without, precisely, that work she wants so much.
She knows what success is, but she, she affirms, she does not hesitate to prepare every day so that failure, if she arrives, does not take her or unsuspecting or sad.
And so.

It would be said that Almudena love (in the middle, as a first surname, there is a couple that fell) is and is not at the same time. She is – the recorded voice faithfully faithful – but the thinness of her and the elegant manners, almost ethereal of her, invite more to imagine it. As if she was not being her, that she would say the guy of eight. However, and as Calvino’s demediate viscount, it is precisely that coming and coming at the same time, that obvious asymmetry of each one of her statements and even wishes of her, which maybe better defines it. It is gram and buone. “Two years ago I did the test for the grandmother,” she says. “I remember that shortly after, being traveling in the United States, I found out about the death of my grandfather. It is rare because at some point I thought she was already too old; That she had begun to study theater at 22 she was already late for me. And it is also curious because now I see myself very a girl, “she adds. She has spent time; With him, a pandemic, and around 24 months, Almudena Amor, Madrileña of 27 years and residing in the neighborhood of the Huertas, is already the star of the moment. The horror movie signed by Paco Plaza and who opens on Friday and, in fact, the good pattern, the film by Fernando León de Aranoa that hides in his record of nominations to the Goya (20 in total) that of actress Revelation for her. “Many things have changed and I am another, but the essential, my family and my friends, that is still the same. I am different, but identical ».

And it is at this moment when he says about the notebook, the five things that he points out every night to not forget anything, to remember himself as it was before everything happened.
«Only five.
The last ones I annotated were that I went to dance, a very rich meal with chickpeas, a conversation with a friend and … some other.
The nap that I threw, maybe … I care about my work, but I work precisely so as not to forget everything else that also makes me happy.
If it ever does not fit me, I do not want to be unhappy, “he says and shut up, for that same order.

Almudena love was not a model before actress as a good part of his spontaneous biographies say.
But she did come to exercise as such.
She first she studied advertising, then she made a master’s degree in graphic design and, along the way, she realized that what she liked has always to act.
“I left the Frenchman for the theater at school,” she points out.
By means, Posar in front of the camera made him earn money and travel.
“But there was something that did not fit me … that demand for false perfection.
The beauty of fashion is not interested.
I’m interested in the truth and this may be so much in the beautiful and in the ugly, “she reasses her as a preamble perhaps the first controversy she has lived as an actress and famous and that something has to do with all this.
In the good pattern of it the role of archetypically scholarship of it placed it in the vortex of a storm if not perfect yes noisy.

It is clear.

Almudena Amor is convinced that art in general and cinema in particular help “understand life and empathize.” “We live too fast and we never put ourselves instead. Art helps to be another, to think otherwise, “she says and says someone who stays remote from social networks and claims for himself the privilege of anonymity. Almudena love affirms fear loneliness, to lose her loved ones and madness. “I’m afraid to lose the connection with others,” she says, she takes a second and adds: “I value calm. I remember that on all my birthday when the candles blew himself as a calm. He was the most precious good he could imagine. I have always been very emotional … I see the news and I can cry. People see me very quiet, but inside I am not so much ». Almudena love feels especially linked to her grandparents. “I have read that we have more DNA in common with them than with our parents … it is one of the purest loves I feel.” Almudena Love rebels against the idea that she tagged it, nothing, not even as a young actress. “When I listen to politicians talking about young people, I feel they do not know what they say. Today came from the rental bonus for young people and in Madrid only 1% of rentals enter. They have no idea. I live with four friends. It is thought that in life is doing well if you are young, that with youth is already enough. Being young is being hard at this time. ”

And he goes.
As if she was not being.

“I am passionate Michael Haneke,” he says as he confesses his most joyful sin.
«I remember ‘the pianist’ and ‘unknown code’.
You see those two movies and do not be the same person again, “he says just before explaining his private (or not so much) philosophy of discomfort.
“Even if you never do what Haneke’s characters, you realize as far as the human being can come … Understanding hatred, brings you close to others.
Connect with dark feelings and that extends the vision of the world ».
Clear and dark at a time.