Two truck drivers died this Thursday when their vehicles collided head-on when they were traveling at kilometer point 351 of the N-2, near the municipal area of ​​the Zaragoza town of Osera de Ebro.

The road accident took place after 7:00 p.m. and one of the two vehicles was burned by the flames. These are the first two deaths that Aragonese roads have claimed so far this year.

Several Civil Guard patrols have traveled to the scene of the accident, investigating the causes of the accident and giving alternative passage to the rest of the vehicles circulating on the aforementioned road.

The Zaragoza firefighters have also attended, providing a mixed heavy bomb and a heavy nurse bomb to extinguish the flames and free the bodies of the victims.

The mayors of the municipalities that the N-2 crosses called for several months ago to improve the road surface to guarantee road safety.

They understood that improvements should be made to the layout and visibility with road widening, relief lanes and areas to reduce speed.

Enrique Gómez, mayor of Osera de Ebro, lamented that the N-2 was “neglected” due to the existence of “tremendous holes.”

According to El Periódico de Aragón, the mayor attributed the state of the road to the lack of maintenance by the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility.

The mayors’ demands came a year after the liberalization of the AP-2 between Zaragoza and El Vendrell, in September 2021, and which presumed a decrease in traffic on the N-2.

However, they pointed out that “there is more traffic because everyone can’t fit on the highway and they are spreading out. It’s hell, the traffic is tremendous.”