Retailers in the southwest are bothered by bureaucracy and new laws. The costs have already increased significantly. The head of the association calls for a stop to the burdens.

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – The Baden-Württemberg Trade Association (HBW) has warned of the effects of bureaucracy and new laws. Bureaucracy causes high personnel expenses and the associated high costs, said HBW Managing Director Sabine Hagmann. According to Hagmann, many retail companies have had their backs against the wall over the past 30 months with Corona and skyrocketing costs. In addition, there is a lack of staff. Instead of setting up further bureaucratic hurdles, the state must relieve companies, said Hagmann, and called for “an immediate moratorium on burdens for medium-sized businesses and retailers in Baden-Württemberg”.

The HBW cited the introduction of the electronic certificate of incapacity for work or the decision of the Federal Labor Court on the recording of working hours as examples of burdens, for example due to new processes to be introduced.

From 2023 onwards, employers are obliged to participate in the notification procedure for the electronic certificate of incapacity for work (eAU). Sick employees who are legally insured no longer have to present their employer with a paper certificate of incapacitation, but in practice they receive a printout for their records.

The Federal Labor Court recently stipulated that working hours in every German company must be recorded in a transparent and verifiable manner. The justification of the BAG judgment on the recording of working hours from September shows that employers must in future introduce an “objective, reliable and accessible system” with which “the daily working hours performed by employees can be measured”.