The Court of First Instance and Instruction of Pravia has ordered this Tuesday the entry into provisional prison, communicated and without bail of the man who fatally ran over a civil traffic guard last Saturday when he was guarding a cycling test.

As reported by the Superior Court of Justice of Asturias (TSJA), the court has adopted this decision according to the arguments and the qualification made by the Prosecutor’s Office, which initially attributes to the 29-year-old detainee eight crimes: reckless homicide, attempted homicide, injuries, vehicle theft, driving without a permit, reckless driving, omission of duty to help and damages.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has requested the precautionary measure due to sufficient evidence regarding the perpetrators of the events, their seriousness and the risk of flight of the detainee, who has invoked his right not to testify, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Principality of Asturias.

The death of the agent, Dámaso Guillén, 48 years old and from Bailén (Jaén), occurred around 5:40 p.m. on the AS-236 highway, in Beifar (Pravia), when the agent, a motorist from the Oviedo detachment, he was on duty in the Santiago Santana test.

The driver fled with a stolen vehicle after leading a brawl in the town of Pravia, where he had attacked a man with an axe.

After skipping the stop given by several agents, he ran over Dámaso Guillén when the civil guard intervened to prevent the young participants in the sporting event from being rammed.

The agent, who has been posthumously awarded the Order of Merit medal with a red badge, the highest, died on the spot, while the perpetrator fled the scene, although he was arrested hours later.

The cathedral of San Salvador in Oviedo hosted this Monday the funeral by the civil guard, which was attended by commanders of the armed institute, the National Police and the Army, as well as different authorities and the young people who on Saturday participated in the test in which the agent died run over.

“If he hadn’t gotten in the way, probably half the team wouldn’t be here. He’s our hero. He saved our lives and on April 1 we were reborn,” acknowledged Pelayo González, one of the cyclists in the event.

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