The popular jury has unanimously declared not guilty the two police officers who were still in the dock for kicking in the most famous door of the pandemic, the one on Lagasca Street in Madrid, understanding that they did not commit home invasion. knock down the door with a battering ram, as confirmed by legal sources.

The jury has issued its verdict this Wednesday, three deliberations since Tuesday morning on the police intervention on March 21, 2021 that went viral when the tenants recorded how the agents opened the door with a battering ram, after the residents They will refuse to open to avoid being fined.

Two days ago, the police sub-inspector accused of breaking and entering criticized the fact that the private prosecution “confuses home inviolability with home impunity” and said that if he is found guilty of breaking and entering, he did not want to be a police officer.

“If they think I’m guilty, if I’m not going to be able to use the legal tools that exist out of fear… that’s why I don’t want to be a police officer, because I’m a police officer to defend the citizens,” said the sub-inspector in charge of that intervention, who assured that the accusation leveled by the tenant of the apartment “confuses the inviolability of the home with domestic impunity.”

He expressed his “indignation” because this process “has come for free” to the tenant and the young people who attended the party, because they did not even pay a fine, but he had been suffering accusations for two years that they believe send the message to other agents not to intervene. in situations like this.

He also reported that that day they received “calls from desperate people” because of the noise of a party, which had been repeated more times, and he is not going to be “the type of police officer who is going to turn around and look the other way.” side, never.”

He had the perception that this apartment “was rented for parties,” and in fact they finally verified that inside there were 14 people of different nationalities who did not know each other much, and none of whom said they lived there.