The end-of-life bill should see “significant progress by the end of September,” declared Olivier Véran, government spokesperson, during the report of the Council of Ministers this Wednesday. September 13. On the other hand, he clarified that he did not “yet have the detailed agenda”.

The text is “being written”, Agnès Firmin Le Bodo said in mid-July. The Minister Delegate in charge of Territorial Organization and Health Professions, who is leading the file, resumed consultations last week with representatives of caregivers and parliamentarians.

According to a government source, “we are in the drafting stage, in the search for the word which does not fit well and which no one has seen”, but the bill will be submitted to the president “before the end of September “. This does not, however, foreshadow an immediate presentation to the Council of Ministers.

A minister for his part said he felt “the president was a little reserved” on this highly sensitive subject. “When he has reservations about something, he waits as late as possible to decide,” he emphasizes.

Among the points still to be resolved, the articulation of this bill with the ten-year plan for palliative care, requested by Emmanuel Macron, because certain elements of this strategy could integrate the text: “We must see what falls under the law or not, knowing that we do not want to have a talkative law,” underlines this same government source.

The question of a referendum on this end-of-life issue came back into the debate, with the President of the National Assembly Yaël Braun-Pivet in particular saying she was in favor of it.