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We were not at the weekend the single, it has moved to the Old Opera. We wanted to make an image of your own of how the party feels under police supervision. In short: so. But at least we had the best excuse for why we allow ourselves to 21 clock on the stairs down, and the Goings-on: the research purposes have been observed. Two weeks after the riots at the Opera square, it has remained on Friday and Saturday around the popular meeting place quiet. At times the feeling was that more police were on the spot as a celebration willing. Just because the weekend is so quiet, this means not automatically that the police will reduce their presence in the city centre. In the next weeks it is planned increasingly to carry out controls on persons, said a spokesman for the police in the night to Sunday. Up to 3000 persons are said to have met two weeks ago in the evening in the square to celebrate together. This has led to criticism – and even before the violent clashes. Among other things, because current Corona-the rules have not been complied with. Distance? Fail display.

Marie Lisa Kehler

Deputy Department head of the Regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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The latest Corona-case figures, published by the Ministry of social Affairs on Sunday afternoon, let’s guess that the discussion about distance rules, and the mouth-nose cover will keep us busy for quite a while. So Hesse were at the weekend, almost 90 new cases. For comparison: even at the beginning of the summer holidays, the Numbers were at times far less than 20 cases. Alone, 36 people were infected in Offenbach, in the past seven days with the Virus. In the city the next threshold in the escalation concept of the country has thus been achieved. This is 35 infections per 100,000 inhabitants. Offenbach should exceed the threshold of 50, might follow the re-more extensive closure of public institutions and enterprises. The crisis team will advise today. In the case of the new infections are among are mainly travellers returning – some of them should have participated, according to a spokesman for the city on a Bus trip in the Netherlands. Offenbach has been drawn on the weekend of the first consequences of the increasing numbers of cases. The Mask requirement is to be tightened again. In the gastronomy must be worn when Entering and on the way to the toilet again, a mouth-nose protection. And also the guest lists in Bars and Restaurants should be strict control on the part of the city. The times “Mr Mickey mouse” and “wife Daisy”, which can be reached under the telephone number 1234567, dined together, are likely to be history. Because it is not only in the interest of the restaurant owners that the lists are properly kept. About our author Jochen writes Remmert.

some other things that the Corona-time brings. A new Form of thinking. There are the time “in front of” Corona and the “” Corona. A time “after” Corona yet. But the time “with” Corona, we want to see on the part of the editors to be a bit more accurate. What problems have come in the past few months to the light of day, what solutions have already been found. There is, in spite of all the limitations, there are also positive effects to emerge? We think: Yes, there is. You just have to look. Carsten Knop has done, and an interesting development is considered in more detail. Many people have switched since the corona of the time on the wheel. He explains why you have done this, what effect could this have on transport planning. Also the other members of the editorial team have done, to write in the next few weeks about Corona-learning effects.

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So the day begins in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main: the most Important points in brief, with References to mobile speed cameras, road closures, and restaurants.

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And in addition, we will show you Frankfurt from the top looks like, we explain why the Corona has influenced our relationship to cash, the summer season of chamber Opera as opened.

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