The Generalitat reopens the ’embassies’ of the US, France and Italy

The Government presented an appeal against the decision of the government to reopen embassies

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European union and Cooperation has been reported “adversely” on the establishment by the autonomous government of catalonia of six new delegations abroad, that will be used, according to the department, for “support purposes contrary to the objectives of the foreign policy of Spain”.

The Ministry, which directs, Josep Borrell, has explained that it was the last October 17 when he had knowledge of six draft decree for the establishment of delegations of the Catalan Government outside of Spain.

In particular, as have informed in a press release, these locations would be in Central Europe (Vienna), Baltic Countries (Tallinn), Balkans (Zagreb), Portugal (Lisbon), Nordic Countries (Stockholm) and Mediterranean (Beirut).

the Ministry has reported “adversely” on the opening of the delegations to the estimate that “its goal in clear and conspicuous, stated repeatedly by the Generalitat, is “to use the delegations for support purposes is manifestly contrary to the principles and objectives of the foreign policy of Spain”.

In the same writing, Foreign recalls that corresponds to this department to inform them of this proposal of agreement with the guidelines, aims and objectives of the Foreign Policy, the Strategy of External Action and, in particular, with the principle of unity of action on the outside.

Against the re-opening of the ’embassies’

The Government of Pedro S├ínchez has already presented the past month of August, an appeal against the reopening of the so-called ’embassies’ of the Generalitat of Catalonia in a total of seven countries have not fulfilled the conditions set out in current legislation for the creation of delegations of the Autonomous Communities (CCAA) on the outside.

Then, the Department of External Action, Institutional Relations and Transparency of the government did not intend to open any new branch, but reopening the the central government had closed under the application of article 155 of the Spanish Constitution.

According to the criteria of

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