The French gendarmerie arrested a 15-year-old teenager this weekend after the charred bodies of his parents were found in their home in Chateauvilain, a town of less than a thousand inhabitants between Lyon and Grenoble.

The boy, whose name is Valentin, confessed this Sunday to having killed them, as confirmed by the Prosecutor’s Office. “I confirm that young Valentin has confessed to the gendarmes that he is responsible for the death of his parents,” said Grenoble prosecutor Eric Vaillant.

The young man had been wanted since last Monday, after the fire on the farm where they lived. Then the charred bodies of his parents were found, according to investigators. They had “gunshot wounds to the skull” and thorax.

The teenager has three other siblings, one, 17, who was not in the house at the time of the fire and two other older sisters who do not live in the area.

According to the newspaper Le Dauphine Liberé, the teenager could have used his father’s firearms to commit the crime, the motives of which are still unknown.