A 27-year-old mountaineer from the Pamplona region died this Saturday after falling 200 meters while climbing with a group of friends on Aspe Peak, 2,645 meters high, within the municipal area of ​​the town of Aísa. (Huesca) and near the winter station of Candanchú.

The accident took place at 11:05 when the mountaineer, with extensive climbing experience, was roped to a companion and fell into a very steep area of ​​ice and snow.

According to Civil Guard sources, he has fallen from about 200 meters high, while his teammate has remained “stuck.”

The Air Unit flew over the area and located the fallen mountaineer, who “presented signs incompatible with life.”

The body was evacuated using a crane cycle. The second mountaineer, 26 years old and also a native of Pamplona, ​​was unharmed and was evacuated to the heliport of the Candanchú Military Mountain School Detachment, where funeral services were waiting to transfer the deceased to the Jaca hospital.

This is the first fatality of the year in sports activities in nature. 2023 closed with 16 people dead, 14 of them from accidents and another two from heart attacks.

The last fatal accident took place on November 18 when a 52-year-old mountaineer, also from Navarre, lost his life on the Escupidara, the most dangerous point of the ascent of Monte Perdido.