A Japan Airlines (JAL) plane caught fire on Tuesday January 2 on a runway at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, according to images from Japanese public television channel NHK. In these brief images taken at 5:47 p.m. local time (9:47 a.m. Paris time), the plane could be seen taxiing on the tarmac, before an explosion went off and left a trail of flames behind it. device, which then decelerated.

All airport runways closed

According to the Bloomberg news agency, NHK said the plane may have collided with a coast guard plane after landing. The channel told However, five of the six crew members of the coast guard aircraft are missing, Japanese television reports.

The Japanese Coast Guard said it was verifying reports of a collision between its plane and the JAL Airbus. All runways at the airport have been closed, a spokesperson for the Japanese capital’s airport said. Haneda is one of Japan’s busiest airports, and many people travel during the New Year holiday.