“What the hell is going on with you guys?” asks an irritated user. Indeed, one can only hope Megan Fox’s recent Instagram post with her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly is merely a Halloween sketch. Still, he’s disturbing.

There was a time when Megan Fox was something of Hollywood’s poster girl. Last but not least, after her appearance in “Transformers”, the men fell in droves at her feet. She was finally able to land fellow actor Brian Austin Green, who married her in 2010 and with whom she had three sons before the marriage finally broke up in 2020.

So far, so normal, so bourgeois, almost stuffy, one might say. But at the latest since she met rapper Machine Gun Kelly shortly after the divorce, to whom she has also been engaged since the beginning of 2022, modesty at Fox is over. Together, the two have made many bizarre appearances – up to the revelation that they occasionally nibbled on each other’s blood, “for ritual purposes”, of course.

With her latest Instagram post, however, the 36-year-old clearly shoots the bird again. So she posted a short clip and various photos showing her and Kelly at a bizarre ceremony. The actress kneels in front of her fiancé in latex clothes, overknee boots and fishnet tights. The rapper wears the robe of a priest. While he raises a glass full of wine – let’s hope it’s wine – with one hand, he hands her a wafer with the other.

The video capturing the scene plays Marilyn Manson’s version of the Eurythmics classic “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)”. Additional photos show Kelly walking his girlfriend around on a chain like a dog. Fox captioned the post, “We take communion on Sundays.”

Within ten hours, the post was called up well over two million times. As expected, the reactions of the more than 20 million followers of the actress are mostly irritated to horrified.

“What the hell is going on with you guys?” One user notes in dismay. Another is even clearer: “Broken generation, broken idols! How much attention do they still want?” And a third fumed: “Unacceptable. No one should ever mock another’s religion.”

What Fox and Kelly actually want to do with the post was initially uncertain. It’s quite possible that it’s just a demonstration of this year’s Halloween idea. But they didn’t really do that well.