The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, cleared up this Monday the doubt about who would occupy one of the main units of the National Police. It will be the main commissioner Luis Fernando Pascual who will take over from Rafael Pérez – who retired on October 16 – at the head of the General Commission of the Judicial Police, one of the pillars in the organic structure of the Corps on which he depends, among other things, the fight against corruption, homicides and disappearances or organized crime.

The appointment occurred at the proposal of the Director General of the Police, Francisco Pardo. Luis Fernando Pascual was the head of Catalonia since October 2021.

After joining the National Police in 1982, his first assignments were the Hospitalet de Llobregat Police Station and the Higher Headquarters of Catalonia. Later, he moved to the Operational Subdirectorate and, in 1989, to the Higher Headquarters of Aragón.

In 1995 he was transferred to the Provincial Police Station of Huesca, where he held operational and management responsibilities.

In 2008 he was appointed head of the Provincial Citizen Security Brigade of Huesca. In 2012 he was promoted to commissioner and later became head of the Provincial Citizen Security Brigade of Zaragoza and the Provincial Police Station of Huesca. After his promotion in 2020 to main commissioner, he took charge of the Zaragoza Provincial Police Station.

In October 2021 he assumed the Higher Police Headquarters of Catalonia, a position he currently held.

He has received several decorations, including a Cross of Police Merit with a Red Badge and two with a White Badge, as well as numerous public congratulations and recognitions from other institutions, such as the silver professional merit medal from the Zaragoza City Council.

Luis Fernando Pascual takes over from Rafael Pérez, appointed in September 2020, who came to the position with deep knowledge of the work of this general police station.

Pérez – an expert in cybercrime – accumulated extensive experience in different departments of the National Police, where he served as head of the Central Brigade of the Drugs and Organized Crime Unit (Udyco) and directed the Central Cybercrime Unit. Graduated in Law from the Complutense University, he was in charge of the General Commissariat of the Judicial Police for three years.