Iran activated its air defense in several provinces early Friday April 19 after reports of “strong explosions” in the province of Isfahan, in the center of the country, the official IRNA agency said. According to the American channel ABC News, citing a senior American official, Israel launched an attack against Iran, in retaliation for strikes against its territory on the night of April 13-14.

Several drones have been “successfully shot down” by Iranian air defenses, but there is no information about a possible missile attack “so far,” said Hossein Dalirian, the Iranian air defense ministry. -spokesperson for the Iranian space agency. “At this time, there have been no air attacks outside Isfahan and other parts of the country,” he wrote in a message posted on X.

Isfahan is a very important city due to the nuclear research center located nearby. According to Iranian media, these nuclear facilities are “completely safe.”

“No comment,” says Israeli army

The Fars agency reported that three explosions were heard near the Iranian army’s Shekari airbase in the northwest city of Isfahan. She said the windows of several administrative buildings on the base had been broken.

Commercial flights have been suspended from and to several airports, according to the Iranian Mehr agency, citing airport authorities. Both airports in the capital Tehran were closed until at least mid-morning.

“No comment at this time,” declared the Israeli army for its part, as warning sirens sounded in northern Israel on Friday morning.