President Joe Biden warned Friday (Jan. 4) that Donald Trump’s efforts to retake the White House in 2024 pose a grave threat to the United States. In a campaign speech, on the eve of the third anniversary of the attack on the Capitol by Donald Trump’s supporters, the current American president also accused him of condoning “political violence” and using “Nazi Germany” rhetoric.

The former president, a great favorite of the Republicans, “is ready to sacrifice our democracy in order to obtain power,” blasted the Democratic president near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. “He talks about the blood of Americans being poisoned, using the exact same language that was used in Nazi Germany,” continued Joe Biden, 81, who is neck and neck with Donald Trump, or just behind, in the latest polls.

“Trump and his MAGA supporters [Make America Great Again, the Republican billionaire’s flagship slogan] not only condone political violence, but they laugh about it,” Joe Biden denounced again on Friday. A Trump spokesperson, Steven Cheung, immediately retorted that Biden was “the real threat to democracy.”

A presidential campaign considered slow

The president was scheduled to deliver his speech on Saturday, three years to the day after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol by Donald Trump supporters who attempted to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s victory, but the date was postponed. moved forward to Friday due to a storm forecast.

The venue chosen by the democrat for his speech is symbolic. Valley Forge saw George Washington, then the future first president of the United States, rally the American military forces that fought against the British Empire nearly 250 years ago.

“We chose Valley Forge because George Washington unified the colonies there,” said Deputy Campaign Director Quentin Fulks. “Then he became president and he laid the foundation for the peaceful transition of power – something Donald Trump and the Republicans refused to do. »

This desire to accelerate Joe Biden’s campaign comes after criticism from certain Democrats who believe that it started too slowly. The president failed to convince voters that the economy was improving despite better-than-expected jobs numbers on Friday, with prices remaining “still too high for too many Americans,” he said. he admitted in a press release.

Democrats in trouble

Immigration at the Mexican border and support for Israel’s war against Hamas divide the Democratic Party. Joe Biden’s refusal to mention Donald Trump’s multiple legal cases, so as not to give the impression of influencing the judicial system, also deprived him of one of his main weapons against the Republican billionaire.

But Joe Biden’s main difficulty probably remains his age. His few slips and blunders of language are scrutinized. He has the worst popularity rating for a sitting president in the month of December preceding an election.

Joe Biden’s first campaign clip released Thursday and set to air for the first time on television Saturday warns of “extreme” threat to democracy by broadcasting footage of the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack.” It was a horrible thing to see,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters Thursday. “The president will continue to speak out and be vocal about it. »