A landslide on Thursday, January 18, in the southern Philippines left ten people dead and one missing, according to a new report published Friday.

Fourteen people were attending a prayer meeting in a house when the building was buried by a landslide. The tragedy occurred in the morning, after several days of heavy rains in the mountainous gold mining region of the province of Davao de Oro, on the island of Mindanao.

Rescuers found ten bodies, including those of five children from the same family, according to municipal disaster official Rocris Idul. A man, a woman and a one-year-old girl were pulled out of the mud alive. The child was seriously injured while the adults suffered minor injuries, according to official data.

One person is still missing. “We hope to find the last body as soon as possible,” the official said, adding that the search was hampered by other mudslides in the area. “A large mass of earth crumbled this morning in the area, so we had to stop [operations] for fifteen to thirty minutes,” added Mr. Idul. We cannot risk the lives of our rescuers. »