The fratricidal war between former Bolivian president Evo Morales and his dolphin, president Luis Arce, has already claimed its first blood. At least 23 people were injured during the blockades that the Evistas have erected to sabotage the holding of the town hall meeting of the pro-government faction of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), which began yesterday in Alto de La Paz.

“Among the injured is the person who has been kidnapped and brutally tortured in the tropics of Cochabamba. After several hours he has been released,” Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo denounced to the country on Monday night. With stones, shovels and punches, the followers of the former president attacked those who were trying to unblock the roads in the Cochabamba Tropics, the historical bastion of the great leader of the indigenous revolution.

The so-called Pact of Government Unity and the Bolivian Workers’ Central (COB) also denounced the “ambushes” against their followers who were leaving Santa Cruz in the direction of El Alto.

Through his social media platform, Morales responded that these were “self-attacks” in search of legitimacy. “As in neoliberal times, they accuse and persecute us with false accusations. The MAS and its national leadership will never give up or divide,” responded Evo, who has defined the council of his opponents as the broad front of the right. Morales is an unrestricted ally of Latin American dictatorships and one of the main pro-Putin activists on the continent.

Irreconcilably divided and marked by violence, this is how the council of the official sector of the MAS in El Alto began yesterday, with which Arce and the chancellor, David Choquehuanca, intend to recover the party initiative two weeks after the Congress of the other faction of the MAS, which imposed Morales as a presidential candidate for the 2025 elections. For this, it also has the Superior Electoral Court, which must decide on the repetition of the organic event due to alleged non-compliance with party statutes.

The organizers hope to bring together a million people, very optimistically, to refound their political instruments and recover the “process of change”, which would entail the calling of a new congress to recover internal control and future candidacies.

“In the face of external and internal attacks, the Bolivian people respond with unity, unity and nothing more than unity to continue facing the challenges that lie ahead,” Arce stressed to his followers.

The most striking thing about this revolutionary fratricidal war is that it is not about ideological or political differences, since both leaders share similar postulates. As so often, at the bottom are power and money. Morales, one of the great dinosaurs of Latin American politics (another of them, the Ecuadorian Rafael Correa, lost last Sunday’s elections) not only wants to rule in the current legislature, he also wants to resume the presidency in the next one.

The electoral fraud orchestrated in 2019, as demonstrated by experts from the Organization of American States (OAS), finally caused Morales to leave the country and resign from the Presidency.

Morales uses complaints against government “corruption” as one of his main offensive tools. “I hope that instead of attacking the MAS, this right-wing council will serve to inform brother Lucho Arce who ordered the removal of bags with 99 million dollars from the vaults of the Central Bank of Bolivia,” Evo shot in the last hours.