Two citizens have handed over to the National Police in Valladolid a wallet that contained several lottery tickets, one of them awarded with a refund, according to police sources informing Europa Press.

These two people appeared around 12:30 p.m. on the 2nd at the police station on Fray Luis de Granada Street, Documentation Unit, to hand over a wallet that, according to their statements, they had found moments before lying on the ground on Padilla Street. .

The wallet contained three ONCE coupons, two national lottery entries, one of them awarded with a refund, and four lottery tenths, three from last day the 22nd and the fourth for the ‘El NiƱo’ draw this Saturday.

The agents thanked the citizens for their gesture and began the necessary steps to locate the legitimate owner, who had not yet reported the loss.

On the 3rd, the owner was located, who was in Burgos, and the woman stated that the day before she had been in Valladolid. She described the wallet and what it contained and forwarded the mail she had previously sent to lost and found informing her.

After filing the pertinent complaint at the Burgos Police Station, Valladolid National Police officers have sent the wallet by letter for delivery to the interested party in that town.

The citizen has thanked the gesture of honesty of the people who handed over their belongings, which has been duly conveyed.