Ritzerow (dpa / mv) – Two parcel deliverers were in a particular hurry in the Mecklenburg Lake District – and had an accident. As a police spokesman said on Thursday, the two vans collided on Wednesday evening in Ritzerow near Stavenhagen on federal highway 104. Both delivery vehicles were so badly damaged that they had to be salvaged. According to initial investigations, a 37-year-old van driver stopped and handed in a package, then wanted to turn around.

At that moment, a 42-year-old parcel deliverer from another company overtook her van. Both vehicles collided. The 37-year-old supplier was unharmed, the 42-year-old received short-term outpatient care. Parcel delivery during Advent had to be canceled for the time being. The B104 was temporarily closed for the rescue. It is not yet clear why the drivers were in such a hurry and what the exact cause of the accident was.