Schwerin/Upahl (dpa/mv) – In the dispute over the construction of refugee accommodation in Upahl in Northwest Mecklenburg, the CDU interior minister Christian level (SPD) has sharply criticized. “It’s Mr Level’s ploy to push responsibility far from himself,” said CDU General Secretary Daniel Peters on Wednesday. The Minister of the Interior is responsible for the fact that deportations in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are sluggish. “The fact that he is now trying to offload responsibility for the construction freeze in Upahl on the district is just cheeky.”

The Ministry of the Interior said on Tuesday that it was clear that building a new building would require a building permit. With this justification, the administrative court in Schwerin stopped the construction of the container accommodation, which had already begun, in an urgent decision last Friday. The municipality of Upahl had sued because it had not been involved.

The Ministry of the Interior was involved in the planning of the Northwest Mecklenburg district at all times. “If it was absolutely clear to Mr.EL at all times that the court would stop the construction of the container village because the district misinterpreted the law, then he would have done well to share his knowledge with the district,” said Peters. It looks as if the minister had let a district run into the open knife. “The Home Secretary is playing a dirty game,” said Peters.