It is a first for William and Kate in several respects: first trip abroad as Prince and Princess of Wales, first trip after the death of the Queen, first stay in the USA since Harry and Meghan emigrated there. But because of his brother, William doesn’t get on the plane.

On his first trip abroad after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William wants to draw attention to the fight against the climate crisis in the USA. Together with his wife Kate, the British heir to the throne was expected in Boston, where this year’s “Earthshot” prize is to be awarded on Friday. To celebrate the royal visit, sights in Boston are to be illuminated in green.

The award ceremony is taking place for the second time and is considered a project close to William’s heart. Five projects are to be awarded each year that stand out in the categories of nature conservation, protection of the seas, air quality, waste avoidance and climate protection.

Friday’s event features prominent figures: pop icon Billie Eilish will perform, as will artists Ellie Goulding and Annie Lennox. Actresses Catherine O’Hara and Shailene Woodley will announce the winners in various categories.

Among other things, a “Great Bubble Barrier” from the Netherlands is now on the shortlist for the prize, which is intended to intercept plastic before it reaches the oceans. The city of Amsterdam is nominated for its circular economy approach. The Kenyan company Mukuru Clean Stoves, which is also one of the finalists, has developed an alternative stove that offers an alternative to the usual charcoal cooking in poor areas.

King Charles III gave the royals new titles after his accession to the throne: William and Kate are now traveling abroad for the first time as Prince and Princess of Wales – titles that Charles himself and his first wife, Princess Diana, had previously borne.

According to the Guardian, plans for a meeting with William’s brother Harry and his wife Meghan are not known – although they also want to travel to the east coast a few days later. The “People” magazine also described it as “unlikely” that there would be an encounter. The relationship between the brothers is considered tense.