Have you missed the news a bit in the last two days? We summarize the main information for Saturday January 20 and Sunday January 21.

Farmers were at the center of the concerns of political leaders this weekend, while demonstrations have multiplied in recent weeks, in France as elsewhere in Europe, against financial burdens and environmental standards considered too heavy. The reasons for anger are diffuse: inflation, administrative burden, fed up with the feeling of being crushed by national or European standards in the name of ecological transition…

On Sunday, Occitan farmers blocked highway 64 (A64) between Toulouse and Tarbes for the fourth day in a row. The Minister of Agriculture, Marc Fesneau, increased his declarations in favor of farmers this weekend, promising them to fight against the “feeling of downgrading”. He also announced the postponement of the presentation of a bill on agriculture to add a response to the demands. Traveling in the wine-producing Gironde, the number one of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, denounced on Saturday “Macron’s Europe, which wants the death of our agriculture”. The Prime Minister, Gabriel Attal, is due to meet Monday evening with leaders of the allied unions FNSEA and Young Farmers.

According to Hamas, Operation “Al-Aqsa Flood” was “a necessary step” and a “normal response” to “all Israeli plots against the Palestinian people.” “Mistakes may have been made during the implementation of the operation, due to the sudden collapse of the security and military apparatus along the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip,” says the organization considered terrorist by the United States, the European Union and Israel.

“Avoiding harm to civilians, particularly children, women and the elderly is a religious and moral obligation of the fighters of the Al-Qassam Brigades,” continues Hamas, and insists on having “done its utmost better to avoid hitting civilians,” despite the death toll of 1,140 established by AFP. Furthermore, investigations are underway in Israel following testimonies of sexual violence.

On the 107th day of war, Israel’s air and ground offensive to “annihilate” Hamas in Gaza has killed 25,105 people, the vast majority civilians, and injured 62,681, the Ministry of Health said on Sunday. the Gaza Strip, territory administered by Hamas.

Four days before an expected decision from the Constitutional Council, a large coalition of opponents of the “immigration” law called for demonstrations on Sunday against the promulgation of a text which, according to them, represents the “ideological victory of the extreme right”. . By rallying behind an appeal initially launched by 201 personalities, these opponents hoped to bring together beyond the traditional activist sphere to put pressure on the executive, which could quickly promulgate the text voted in mid-December, unless there is complete censure by the Council. constitutional, on January 25, which would be a surprise.

More than 160 marches were planned for Sunday, including the one in Paris, which brought together 16,000 people according to the Police Prefecture, 25,000 according to the CGT. In total, the Ministry of the Interior recorded 75,000 participants in the rallies in France, the CGT, for its part, puts the figure at 150,000 demonstrators.

Since Friday, more than 1.4 million people have demonstrated in dozens of German cities against the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and its radical ideology, two of the organizations estimated on Sunday. who called for this mobilization. The police did not provide overall figures for all of these gatherings.

The influx was so great in Munich that the planned march through the streets of the Bavarian capital had to be interrupted. The mobilization reflects the shock caused by the revelation on January 10 by the German investigative media Correctiv of a meeting of extremists in Potsdam, near Berlin, where, in November, a planned mass expulsion of foreigners or foreigners Foreign origin has been discussed. The Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, went so far as to say in the press that this meeting was reminiscent of “the horrible Wannsee Conference”, where the Nazis planned the extermination of European Jews in 1942. Among the participants were a figure of the radical identity movement, the Austrian Martin Sellner, and members of the AfD.

Russia denounced on Sunday a strike attributed to Ukraine on a market in Donetsk which left at least 25 dead and 20 injured, “a barbaric terrorist act”, according to Moscow, which shows “the need to achieve all objectives” of the invasion in Ukraine. According to the regional manager installed by Moscow, Denis Pouchiline, the attack caused the death of two children. The Russian Foreign Ministry said the strike was carried out using “six” artillery salvos fired from Avdiivka, the epicenter of the fighting and still under kyiv’s control.

Furthermore, uncertainty still surrounded Sunday afternoon the causes of the fire which broke out overnight in a gas terminal in Russia, a potential target of Ukrainian forces. Anonymous sources told Ukrainian media outlets, including public television Suspilne, that the fire at the Russian gas terminal was the result of a drone attack carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

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